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Bunch of grapes on vines in Charente Maritime

The region of Poitou Charentes : tourism near Oléron

Oléron, Island of the Light

In the Poitou Charentes Region, soothed by the Atlantic Ocean, the Island of Oléron (access via the bridge of Marennes → Oléron) is rightly called the Island of the Light.

Between the mouth of the river Charente and the ocean, Oléron Island is the largest island of the French coast after Corsica, offering a multitude of landscapes in perfect harmony.

Its coastline stretches over a hundred of kilometres. Thanks to its unique microclimate and its geographical location, the island is a preferred site for many sports combining sea, sun, wind and sand.

A very rich land that has a variety of agricultural activities (farming, gardening and especially the viticulture). A quality wine is produced on the island, the famous wine Pineau des Charentes, and not to forget his “majesty” the Cognac.

mask Fishing nets near Oléron in Charente Maritime

Oléron, a world focused on fishing and the Atlantic

The activity around the sea is the economic lifeblood of the area with oyster farming activities (oysters, mussels, clams…).

The marine fishermen of the la Cotinière harbour and its fish auction with over 80 boats that every day go out to cast their net. So every day, the noblest species, fish and shellfish are brought in at the docks.

Marina and fishing port in Charente Maritime near Oléron

Rivers and streams in Charente Maritime

We are in an area of land and sea, of land and water, which is exactly what gives it its charm.

The famous Poitevin marsh is an exceptional ecosystem. Fauna and flora enthusiasts will be able to go on foot or by boat and observe protected species.

The Cordouan lighthouse near Oléron in Charente Maritime
Cognac barrels in a cellar in Charente Maritime
Fruit and vegetable market near Saint-Pierre d'Oléron
Angling by the sea in Oléron on a beach near the campsite
Windmill in Charente Maritime near Oléron
River in Charente Maritime with canoeing and kayaking
Belle Epoque style villa in Charente Maritime near Oléron
Sand yachts on a Charente Maritime beach near Oléron