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Discover the Island of Oléron
Small mallows, wild flowers on the island of Oléron
Fish and seafood on a market in Oléron
Night view of the bridge connecting the island of Oléron to the mainland
Motor fishing boat on the island of Oléron
Cyclist on a cycle path by the sea in Oléron
Fisherman's houses on the oyster route in Oléron

Getting to know the Island of Oleron in France

Oléron oysters to taste near the campsite

Oléron, the island of Light, one of the most beautiful islands of the Atlantic coast

If the Ile d'Oléron is known for its mild climate and its record annual sunshine, it is also known for the wild and protected aspect of its coasts, fauna and flora.

The residents of the Ile d'Oléron are aware of the exceptional nature of their environment and have taken ecological initiatives, such as the Maison Eco-Paysanne at the Grand-Village or the eco-museum at the Port des Salines.

The beaches are clean and the quality of the water is rated between good and excellent along the entire coastline. You can also stroll through the many national forests of the island, including the largest one on Oléron, the forest of Saint-Trojan.

Oléron, exceptional Charentais and Atlantic heritage

Easily accessible from the mainland, the Ile d'Oléron has always been a place of exchange between land and sea, between the maritime activities of the people of Oléron and the Charentais traditions.

Thus, the gastronomic heritage of the island is worth a visit: healthy products from the land, shellfish, fish, prepared in a simple but tasty way: this is the basis of the gastronomy of Oléron. The freshness of the products is their strong point and provides their flavour.

The best toursit map to discover Oléron !

Plan de l'île d'Oléron Tourist map of Oléron (PDF)
Fish market on the island of Oléron
Sand dune on Saint-Trojan beach in Oléron
Artisanal ceramics at the market in Oléron
Father and his daughter at the market in Oléron
Fruits at the covered market in Oléron
Children's carousel in Oléron