Campsite Aqua 3 Masses / Island of Oléron / French Atlantic Coast
Poulpi, the campsite mascot, a friendly octopus

One of the best aquatic park in Oléron (French Atlantic Coast)

The pool complex is open every day from 10 am to 7.30 pm.

An aquatic space with a removable folding shelter and heated pool

Warm water, Oléron sunshine, relaxation, whether for a classic stay or for a weekend getaway, the campsite swimming pool adapts to all breezes and rays of sun.

The pool is large, measuring 16m x 7m, or 112 m². Water depth is 1.20m at the shallow end and 1.60m at the deep end.

The pool at the campsite is covered with a retractable enclosure. Ideal for enjoying the pool mid-season, outside July and August.
As temperatures rise, the enclosure is gradually rolled back, first to two-thirds and then to one third before eventually being removed altogether.

The pool is heated using heat pumps.

For the enjoyment of all pool users as well as for safety reasons, balls, rubber rings are glass recipients are not permitted at the pool complex. Campers are kindly requested to use the terrace at the snack bar for consuming food and snacks.

Water slides at the campsite

There are 3 water slidesat the pool complex, all separate from the swimming pool.

Splashdown fans are in for a treat with the site's2 straight racer slides, each 16 metres long with a starting height of 3.5m, along with its spiral slide offering 36 metres of thrills and excitement.

Paddling pool at the pool complex: children welcome!

The site's hexagonal-shaped paddling pool is 25m² and filled with warm water. It has a maximum depth of 40cmand is separate from the main swimming pool, offering toddlers and those accompanying them greater comfort and safety.

Sun loungers for the use of accompanying adults can be found around the paddling pool area.

Parents are recommended to ensure that very young children wear a water-proof swim nappy where necessary.

La plage de la piscine et ses transats

Autour des bassins, les bains de soleil disposent de transats. Tranquillement allongés sur les transats, protégés du soleil par les parasols vous pourrez vous reposer ou lire en toute quiétude.

The ground covering around the pool does not overheat even in direct sunlight, meaning bathers moving around within the pool complex do not risk burning their feet.

Adequate number of showers and toilets for the comfort of a quality campsite.

Vidéo de la piscine du camping à Oléron

Swimming Pool Rules:

- Access denied to children under the age of 14, unaccompanied by an adult.
- Underpants prohibited. Swimwear MANDATORY!
- In July and August, for your safety an identification bracelet is MANDATORY throughout your stay.

Stroll through the campsite virtual tour

The virtual tour of the pool complex provides a general overview of the facilities: main swimming pool, paddling pool and slides at the campsite.

Visite virtuelle du camping à Oléron Aqua3masses